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Management at Intergen

8.2 rating for Management, based on 11 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Managers are accessible, and willing to talk if you need it. Higher management releases good communication
Graduate, Christchurch
My manager is great. But I feel he's limited with what he can offer because of constraints put on him by his superiors. I also want to move into sales and it has been very frustrating to get this going. There are too many layers to navigate through for an internal movement. The GM of sales was interested in having me on board. However, everyone has an invested interest and the idea of a secondment was seen as too risky and complex from a business perspective from my managers.
Midlevel, Wellington
I think there are excellent mentors in this company. No one is necessarily designated to be a mentor, but it seems most people are happy to teach you things especially when you're the new grad. The company also holds regular brown bags, which are meetings during lunch where a presenter will give a mini lecture on different topics or new technologies.
Graduate, Auckland
Management interacts really well - I have contact with my manager and their manager above them and the CEO sometimes comes in and talks with us and we also have quarterly updates on the companies performance.
Graduate, Wellington
My manager is awesome. Generally I'm in almost daily communication with my practice lead when I'm working on projects together. He is always straight with me about his expectations and is fantastic with graduates.
Graduate, Dunedin
They are super accessible and friendly. They don't sit in offices, instead they sit at desks with other employees. They also provide updates about how the business is going, making sure that everyone knows what is happening. When you do something good you can also be submitted for the Friday awards and can receive a voucher if you win.
Graduate, Auckland
Great managers and very approachable. I have someone separate as a mentor as they have more relevant specific knowledge and experience for the role I'm in. Management is proactive, communicative and help to encourage a positive mentality.
Graduate, Wellington
Both my practice lead and practice managers are extremely approachable. I do not hesitate to go to them if I have any concerns or need help.
Graduate, Wellington
My manager listens to me and what I have to say and makes an effort to make sure I'm happy and comfortable. Though very busy, he'll make the time when it's important. And will pass on praise/feedback to me that he hears from others.
Midlevel, Auckland
Managers help make good decisions and help drive success in your career
Midlevel, Wellington