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Culture at MYOB

9.7 rating for Culture, based on 19 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
All my colleagues are very warm, welcoming and helpful, and it helps for a very friendly culture.
flat management structure with an excellent culture and very flexible working situation
The company constantly employs like-minded individuals that create a safe and comfortable space to come to work. There is a large effort to have the company mingle with others.
People have clear role in this company, but there is no such a hierarchy. Even you are a graduate like me, you can still speak up if you think someone is wrong, or you just have different opinions.
MYOB values a good work-life balance, so work hours are kept pretty standard. The company understands that people who have the chance to socialise together work better together, so there are opportunities to socialise during work hours so that you don't have to socialise with work colleagues after hours if you don't have time. Also, there are some people who are keen on attending meetups together or seeing a band or grabbing a drink together after hours, as well as board games clubs and similar that meet at the office after hours if that is your jam. The technical leadership in the company are approachable and helpful, always happy to make time to answer questions or give advice, and I've learnt a tremendous amount from them.
Super happy to help out with anything, very supportive. They have a pool table and people are encouraged to have a break if they need.
Structure: Crews (teams) - Tribes (collection of tribes) - Nation (collection of tribes) - Organisation (collection of nations) The culture is great during work hours. Executives that are in the Auckland office are friendly and approachable. I am in Collaboration tribe so there are many opportunities for me to collaborate with the other crews around me to learn new things and solve problems. I don't socialise too much outside of work because I live quite far away but sometimes I attend a monthly social gathering with the other Graduates.
Everyone is approachable at any level. Many external activities for everyone, from Dogs to Board Games
I pair every day with senior developers. My team makes me feel valued even though I don't know very much about what they are working on!
Inclusive. I wish for more after office activities and also Friday beers or something. i would like to socialize more
monthly social events. weekly wind down after work. free fruit every day. free food and alcohol.
There's an inclusive culture where I find everyone to be very approachable and free to be themselves at work.
My colleagues/ anyone I have ever asked for any help is always ready to help. They are very approachable. They are never too busy to reply. We help each other in the workplace and even in the after-hours we can talk and laugh.
It's very inclusive and integrated work and collaboration is highly valued
Fun, flexible, exciting