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William Buck New Zealand

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Working Hours at William Buck New Zealand

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
I am currently a casual employee and William Buck has been very flexible with my hours around Uni & other commitments. I've never felt a pressure to stay significantly longer hours than anticipated.
Graduate, Adelaide
Generally flexible with hours and working from home, however if you want to be treated with respect you need to work the extra hours when the job is urgent without needing to be asked.
Experienced, Brisbane
My director is normally flexible with the hours of work I am putting in, however sometime you are required (without notice) to work overtime if the job is urgent or client request is urgent. I am happy to do that as I understand this situations are inevitable in our industry.
Experienced, Brisbane
I do not abuse it as I feel it should only be used in emergencies, but they are quite flexible with hours when you need them to be
Graduate, Brisbane
Normal employees would work 8:30-5:15. Overtime is rare.
Graduate, Adelaide
Fairly flexible. It would be handy if time in lieu worked in a better process, where if you were working 50 hour weeks it could bank up into extra days off like it does in some other companies/industries, but other than that I can't really complain.
Graduate, Melbourne
During uni semester I work 2-3 days. Over the summer holidays I have started working full time.
Intern, Adelaide
I spend the minimum of 7.5 hours in the office. However there is not much leeway in hours.
Graduate, Adelaide
My standard hours are 8.30 - 5, with a 1hr lunch break. I will generally work from 8.30 - 6 on nights where I don't have other commitments, and partway through my lunch break when I'm busy. The firm is generally flexible where you need a late start or early finish once in a while, as long as you can make up the hours during the week. We can also work from home if required.
Midlevel, Brisbane
On the surface not that flexible but you generally just need to ask and you can be accommodated.
Experienced, Brisbane
The minimum hours worked is 37.5 - this for me is between 8:30 and 5pm. However, if there are things that you have to attend to outside of work, they are flexible enough to let you get what you need to get done.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very flexible but being a director/owner of the business you do a lot.
Executive, Brisbane
I work more during the busy periods but probably on average 40 hours a week. Company is pretty flexible with changing your working hours as long as you make up your hours.
Graduate, Melbourne
8:30-5 normal hours with 1 lunch break. Not flexible on hours, but not often required to work late.
Graduate, Sydney