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Rio Tinto

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Training & Personal Development at Rio Tinto

7.7 rating for Training, based on 23 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
I haven't had any formal training as of yet.
Graduate, Perth?
Lean six sigma training focusing on how to problem solve and determine effective solutions.
Graduate, Gladstone
There is a broad range of internal educational material on offer that is free to access and produced by the company on a dedicated platform. The company also supports participation in external learning and development programs for targeted development. I have picked up many networking, presenting, technical and commercial skills through these resources.
Graduate, Brisbane
The training programmes such as online training modules and Rio Tinto college are good tools when utilised and you have the time to sit down and do them. The graduate forums and coaching have been a great way to learn more about the company as well as network with fellow graduates. If there were formal graduate rotations this would make training and picking up new skills even easier and better.
Graduate, Perth
So many options for internal training, but not always communicated to those who would like to participate. Received training on leadership, incident investigations, mental health leadership
Graduate, Brisbane
Analyst software training, off-road driving training, safety training, cultural awareness training. Skills developed: proficiency with relevant software and general awareness of safety
Graduate, Weipa
The graduate program is now better, but we don't have much other than that
Graduate, Sorel-Tracy
Training conducted at site is well done, including practical application of training. The online platform is intuitive, and training opportunities are always available.
Graduate, None, I work at a remote site (FIFO 2x2)
Graduate program is well structured providing you multiple opportunities to network with other grads and company leaders. There is also a lot of support in developing yourself, we are provided with coached which are excellent. Also given the freedom to rotate around the business.
Graduate, Perth
Rio flew all graduates to Perth for personal growth and introduction to corporate business training course.
Graduate, Mackay
Not always available internally. Need to provide justification to complete through external vendor.
Graduate, Dampier
HV training enabling my relationship with lower tier which helped me understand more practical ways to do things.
Graduate, Gove, NT
VBA, process systems control. Global onboarding graduate program. Various other skills through online college portal.
Graduate, Weipa