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Rio Tinto

  • #2 in Mining, energy, oil and gas
  • 50,000 - 100,000 employees
  • Mining, Oil & Gas

Join Rio Tinto today, to shape the world of tomorrow

Every idea, every innovation, every little thing the world calls ‘progress’ begins with a first step, and someone willing to take it: explorers, inventors, entrepreneurs. Pioneers.

For nearly 150 years, Rio Tinto has been a company of pioneers –generations of people spanning the globe, all with the grit and vision to produce materials essential to human progress. Our iron ore has shaped skylines from Shanghai to Sydney. Our aluminium –the world’s first to be certified “responsible” –helps planes fly and makes cars lighter. Our copper helps wind turbines power cities and our boron helps feed the world, and explore the universe. Our diamonds help us celebrate the best parts of life.

2022 Graduate Program

In life, there are those that want to watch things happen and then there’s those that want to make things happen. 

From day one at Rio Tinto, graduates are given the chance to shape who we are. From playing an active part in reinventing our business to helping pioneer human progress through the ideas, materials and actions you experience every day. We create an environment where you can go further. One that thrives on curious and creative minds. 

Rio Tinto’s graduate program gives you the tools and the skills to innovate and invent – to pioneer progress for you and for us.  It is designed to launch your career and prepare you for leadership roles.

Joining us as a graduate, you’ll experience our innovative, future-focused development program:

  • Learn fundamental leadership skills by leading a virtual team through a gamified leadership simulation
  • Challenge your thinking and gain outside-in perspective from futurists and external thought leaders
  • Acquire a toolkit focused on future skills to inspire innovation and creativity through a series of masterclass
  • Team up with graduate colleagues to innovate solutions for future business and world challenges Grow your leadership skills with 1-1 coaching sessions with an experienced external coach
  • Network with our senior leaders and subject matter experts
  • Access world-class digital learning 

And much more!

Join us and pioneer a career that will not only build your future, but build a new future for the industry, and a better future for tomorrow.

2021 Vacation Program

We’re looking for motivated students who want pioneer the way forward. Those wanting to reinvent tomorrow and make a lasting impact. 

Rio Tinto’s Vacation Program provides you with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, apply skills to real-life projects, and get a taste of the day to day life at Rio Tinto.

The best part, it gives you the opportunity to secure a graduate position at the end of the program. 

Graduate Review

Overall Score
Overall score based on 23 reviews
They Score Best in…
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
What Graduates Say About Them
  • The fact that safety has priority over everything else, means we will always be working in a safe environment.
  • challenging work exposure to really high-profile projects the culture around safety is really good
  • Wide range of mineral sectors and opportunities to grow within the company
  • The exposure to so many different teams and opportunities. The breadth of experience that you receive immediately and how this becomes transferrable across the entire business. This means that even though I have started in Procurement, the skills I have acquired may allow me to work in a completely different role and team in the future with little concern.
  • Training opportunities. Flexibility
  • Time away from family sometimes long hours at work
  • I do not have a technical background, so this has been a challenge but very rewarding in the amount that I have learnt from colleagues and experiences over my time at the organisation.
  • Unpaid overtime. Pressure/stress
  • Perceived pressure and lots of red tape and redundant procedures due to the scale of the company, some not so fantastic people
  • No structured rotations for graduates to experience different parts of the business and change can be hard to achieve at times.

Jobs & Opportunities

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  • Work across our operations in WA, Queensland, Northern Territory, Tasmania and neighboring New Zealand or in Perth and Brisbane city hubs
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