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Job Satisfaction at FNZ

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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Fixing bugs, talking to analysts about requirements, functional testing of the application, etc.
Build project
There is a lot to learn, and quickly. This makes the work initially exciting but the scope can get limited unless you push to be involved with different technologies and problems. Day-to-day usually involves churning through whatever issues/tasks you have been assigned, whether fixing or adding to the platform you are working on.
There is a rapid exposure to many new concepts and technologies early in the entry level job but overtime work can become repetitive unless you ask for something new.
Analysing requirements and turning them into user stories so that developers can build the code. Then once built, creating and running test cases to ensure that the requirements are fulfilled
I work on building and fixing the companies platforms.
The new platforms make things interesting as there are new problems to work on.
It's too early for me to really comment, at the moment I am being eased in gently so I don't really know my day-to-day responsibilities yet.
Currently fixing bugs in code for a new platform.
Resolving defects, writing code for new features, and both includes collaborating with test and analyst teams. Just got paired up with 2 buddies, so now also helping them get set up and assist with any challenges they face.
My job consists of testing applications to ensure they are secure before their release. This includes the use of tools and manual testing to find any vulnerabilities.
Developing tests, attending training sessions
Performing automated testing
I usually set up the test cases and create automated tests/regression tests to validate UI before releases. It is nice because the work is exposed to all the FNZ platforms.
I am a business analyst and tester. My day to day roles varies depending where we are in the SDLC. During the earlier stages I help out with some of the solutions for stories and how to best tackle the outcomes that are needed. I then will work with clients and have daily meetings to create user stories for the requirements and passing these onto developers. Later on, I will move to testing and will test a range of business outcomes and try to cover as many scenarios as possible. A day in the life of a tester, is preparing test prep and figuring out what needs to be tested. Moving onto preparing data for your tests and then doing the tests themselves to try and see if any bugs come up.