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Postgraduate Diploma in Geographic Information Science

  • Graduate Diploma

Analyse geographic data to gain a better understanding of our physical environment and human populations. Gain skills that are in high demand in New Zealand and around the world.

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Graduate Diploma
4 trimesters full-time
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About this course

Geographic data underpins our understanding of many global issues from climate change to population dynamics. In New Zealand-and globally-there is a real shortage of people with the ability to apply and interpret this data, in what is a key, emerging field.With the 180-point Master of Geographic Information Science, you'll learn to harness data to enable a better understanding of what happens on Earth for both the physical environment and human populations.You'll gain a strong understanding of core geospatial tools and techniques, such as programming, database management, cartography, remote sensing and spatial analysis.Move into a career in the geospatial industry or enhance your current professional experience with this programme. You'll have skills that are in high demand In New Zealand, Australia, and around the world.