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Office & Workplace at WSP New Zealand

7.8 rating for Workplace, based on 66 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
The company office sits with a lovely view of Hagley park, which is great for lunchtime walks or runs. The dress code smart casual, a dress shirt, trousers etc. Due to the engineers being client facing, high level of dress is required. However, it must also be practical to allow for site visits etc.
Graduate, Christchurch
Large office space, good location and facilities. Dress code is a casual formal.
Graduate, Napier
Offices can vary, some are older but all have modern amenities. Dress code is business casual, as long as you have long sleeves and pants on site.
Graduate, Whangarei
Office is spacious and in a good location - everything is available here to make a happy work life. Dress code is casual but I enjoy dressing up and this is also supported.
Midlevel, Napier
The office space is big and spacious with enough amenities. They have a chill out space with a 3D printer and table tennis.
Graduate, Auckland
In my office we have pods of 4 desks facing into the corners with partition walls between pods. Our office dress code is generally business casual but not strict. Most men wear collared shirts, there are some people who never interact with clients and dress very casually, we also have casual Fridays.
Graduate, Dunedin
Not a very collaborative layout, however a very ideal location. Very messy as you would expect from an old firm.
Graduate, Wellington
The dress code is semi-formal. Formal if there are meetings. The company has lots of offices across the country, however there is a lack of consistency between what facilities are in each office.
Graduate, Auckland
Nice new offices. Business attire - although some people push this to business casual.
Graduate, Auckland
The Westhaven Office is open plan and has a large "chill out area" for staff to make and eat lunch, sit and have a chat or play table tennis. The location is in Westhaven which is close to Auckland's CBD and lots of bus stops which travel over to the North Shore. The dress code is professional from Monday-Thursday and casual on Friday.
Graduate, Auckland
The office is equipped with plentiful kitchen and bathroom facilities. The dress code for the office is professional and empowering.
Graduate, Auckland
I've only been in the one and we're a couple of weeks away from moving out. Brand new office should be nice, with height adjustable desks and is modernized with an agile (no fixed seating) arrangement.
Graduate, Hamilton
Business casual, open plan workspace
Graduate, Queenstown
we have a large office with great showering and changing room facilities to encourage cycling/walking to work. We are not as close to lunch destinations as we could be, but a 20 minute walk isn't actually that far away. I think we are more on the casual side of corporate attire, rather than suits and ties being the norm.
Graduate, Christchurch
New office space (2016). Business casual dress code, flexible dependant on task e.g. site works vs. client meeting
Midlevel, Christchurch
Generally very good. Some are old and not ideal but these offices are in the process of moving to new buildings. Facilities include shared coffee machine, good natural light and views. Dress code is flexible. Office clothes or field gear is acceptable, with casual Fridays included.
Graduate, Invercargill
Casual smart dresscode
Graduate, Auckland
office space is nice and spacious but it is a lot of red which is quite an aggressive colour. Unfortunately our lunch space is in the back corner of the office that doesnt get natural light.
Graduate, Dunedin
I have been to the Westhaven office on my second day of working with WSP. The office is much bigger than the Manukau branch which I am currently at, but it does have a much more diverse range of staff from difference working specialisations. All the offices I've seen are extremely clean and have a good range of facilities to use. In the office, the usual dress code is semi-formal.
Graduate, Auckland
The facilities are very expansive and new. Overall the office space is a good work envrionment.
Graduate, Christchurch