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Culture at WSP New Zealand

8.2 rating for Culture, based on 72 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
The company has monthly Friday drinks along with a very active social club. In my first week my team had a morning team to welcome me on board. During work hours, everyone is very talkative but also focused. In-office work is highly recommended as it allows for an ease of ideas to flow between individuals
Graduate, Christchurch
Culture in the teams and lower levels of management is good. Bad culture in senior management
Graduate, Christchurch
Very social in the office - hierarchy not really noticed.
Graduate, Napier
Focus on wellbeing and ensuring people are safe. Good opportunities for social events.
Graduate, Whangarei
Though I think the company has good intentions a lot of the work they do to be inclusive comes across as being tokenistic. Additionally its boys club and that's made clear often
Midlevel, Napier
The culture is the office is really good, everyone is focused and complete their work on time. The team has good banter and we socialise and play table tennis during lunch time to unwind. The team go out for lunch every Friday. Outside of the office the team have social events every month and we have team drinks at the end of the month.
Graduate, Auckland
The culture is fairly cooperative with people willing to lend a hand and answer questions. It also has a good social atmosphere, a group of people go for a walk to a cafe to get coffee each day and during lunch we often go through the daily quizzes together.
Graduate, Dunedin
Everyone really cares for each other and there is no feeling of hierarchy (i.e. everyone is treated the same)
Midlevel, Hamilton
Very relaxed, many people working from home, especially in the management level, therefore there are not many opportunities to learn from them. Very structured and hierarchical, however everyone is friendly and nice
Graduate, Wellington
The culture is relaxed and family like in the local offices and teams despite the big company title. You get to know and stop to talk to everyone. There is also good communication between the leadership team to each colleague
Graduate, Auckland
They try to organize social events, but it always still feels like work.
Graduate, Auckland
Great team, not a lot of socialising amonst colleuages
Graduate, Hamilton
WSP's offices are all open plan, so the hierarchy and structure are not immediately evident. The managers are approachable and enjoy playing an active role in the office. In my team I think cooperation and team work are valued. If there is work to do in the team, it will be given to me as a graduate, which is better than graduate experiences I have heard of in competing companies. WSP has done an excellent job at keeping a work social life alive during the pandemic. At level 1 there are lots of opportunities to socialize with your colleagues, whether it is at Friday end of month drinks, morning teas, or Pathways and graduate lunches.
Graduate, Auckland
Lot's of young professionals, with a good number of experienced Engineers to help mentor. It's very diverse for an Engineering firm and everyone gets along and helps each other out. There are also lots of initiatives to meet people outside the office, if you seek them.
Graduate, Hamilton
Casual, Co-operative and collaborative
Graduate, Queenstown
There are plenty of social events we can get involved with, and the large number of graduates in the office is a huge bonus. There is a structure, which is relatively easy to understand considering the number of employees we have in our company. My team works together well and we have a great supportive team culture.
Graduate, Christchurch
Very few hierarchical barriers I feel very comfortable talking to anyone about work or life and theres good participation in work outings
Graduate, Dunedin
Strong Graduate Community
Midlevel, Christchurch
Great social club with events planned during lunches and after working hours. They do a fantastic job trying to make sure everyone is included
Graduate, Invercargill
Very friendly staff
Graduate, Auckland