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Tibra Capital

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Working Hours at Tibra Capital

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
I have to work 11+ hour days to meet expectations, others don't have to work as long and seemingly have lower expectations. At home I spend a lot of time improving relevant technical skills and continuing to research which I have no time to learn in the office since I have to work.
Graduate, Austinmer
I work 50-60 hours, but the company is flexible.
Graduate, Austinmer
While the number of hours would be larger than you average Monday to Friday job, those hours are very flexible and it is not uncommon for employees to take midday breaks to the beach while they are waiting on code to compile or other things.
Graduate, Austinmer
Generally speaking it's more than just a nine to five. That being said, it's very flexible as to when the extra hours will be put in.
Graduate, Austinmer