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Training & Personal Development at Prosple

7.7 rating for Training, based on 13 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
In the sales and account management team, we actively engage in formal training to hone our craft throughout the year. From book clubs, to team reviews. Informally, management encourages us to try new initiatives to expand our skillset. Whether it be allowing us to try and build/launch a new product, or to train new team members. There are no limits to what you can potentially learn.
Midlevel, Melbourne
There are sufficient wiki pages to get started on tasks and specialists are just a message away.
Experienced, Calauan, Laguna (Philippines)
I can't say yet but they just launched a self-learning training program to be subsidized by the company.
Experienced, Antipolo
Innovative approach - adapting external micro-credentials and an extensive internal wiki for training. Being a 'flat' hierarchy means you have direct exposure to learn from team members in different roles.
Experienced, Remote
We don't have a great training structure, something we could improve on.
Executive, Byron Bay
Training has been adhoc to this point, however the team has just introduced training allowances to participate in online courses.
Experienced, Auckland
Trainings in the Data Team are more informal. We had to learn the skills needed for the job especially when I had to learn Python for me to perform webscraping and also learn Google products like GTM, GA, and DS.
Graduate, Quezon City
Prosple allows us to develop our own training pathways and then select the courses we want to take to complete them. It's a discussion with our manager. They'll pay for the courses we want to take (up to a annual limit).
Experienced, Oslo
I didn't receive a 'training programme' per se. It was more like I was given increasingly difficult tasks, showed them to my manager as I figured out how to complete, and then iterated based on feedback. This style of learning isn't for everyone, but I've found it ideal for me. So in that sense the formal training isn't good, but the informal training is very good.
Graduate, Adelaide
Not very much training
Experienced, Manila Philippines
We have rigorous video content that shows how to go about doing pretty much everything, with tips that are constantly shared by the team in a collaborative way as to how to do new things or how to do existing processes better. The initial training was also very hands on attending meetings regularly with senior leadership.
Executive, Sydney