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Project Everest Ventures

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Sustainability at Project Everest Ventures

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Project Everest Ventures is currently working towards ways in which we can offset our carbon footprint and our waste impact. For example looking at where we can reuse uniforms, how we optimise technology to reduce the need to travel and how we can make small changes within workplace culture to ensure we on a sustainable path. What I love about Project Everest, is that everyone brings their own drink bottles, reusable bags and cutlery when working on projects, to ensure we do not add to waste in the areas we are working in.
Graduate, Sydney
The company continuously assesses the impacts every project has on the environment by conducting assessments every month of every project in a every country. The products and services the company develops are focused on being not only beneficial to true consumer but by being environmentally sustainable eg. menstrual cups or solar panels. Everything Project Everest Ventures does, they review how it is going to impact the environment and mitigate any negative impacts however they possibly can.
Intern, Wollongong