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Training & Personal Development at EY New Zealand

7.2 rating for Training, based on 17 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Lots of soft skills training - having a purpose, networking, negotiation. And in the first year, lots of technical training and a whole diploma programme for tax.
Graduate, Auckland
If you join tax you have to EYDT (EY Diploma in Tax). Very very time consuming and inefficient way of upskilling your tax knowledge. Makes work very stressful when you're busy and expected to complete assignments (you can't be promoted without completing it). No other big 4 delivers their tax training in such a strenuous way but they won't change the programme because the person who runs it has been there for a very long time. However, my team weekly trainings are great and informative.
Graduate, Auckland
Company provides many learning opportunities
Midlevel, Wellington
Could do more training from the start for skills that are used a lot.
Graduate, Auckland
The training at any Big 4 firm is the massive differentiator between them and the smaller firms and EY is no different. They make a huge investment in terms of time and money into training to ensure you have the skills required to do your job
Graduate, Auckland
Regular training tailored to your year level which is well delivered and relevant
Midlevel, Christchurch
We attend training courses in NZ and Australia for upskilling.
Midlevel, Auckland
Good training, little time to do them. Use Udemy for business, internal physical trainings, internal online trainings.
Midlevel, Auckland
Working on CA qualification
Graduate, Auckland
Training occurs a few times a year for each year group. There are also additional "optional" trainings available in the mornings. The expectations for this can be miscommunicated as they are advertised as optional, but some managers aren't happy with some of the turnout. This is quite unfair seeing as we are not being paid for the time being put in to these optional trainings and they are held outside of work hours.
Midlevel, Auckland
Pretty good! We have access to online training modules we can access in our own time. We are also encouraged to do at least 20 hours of training each year.
Graduate, Auckland
We have training frequently enough and if you ever need help there are always people willing to help
Midlevel, Hamilton