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Application Process & Interviews at EY New Zealand

7.4 rating for Recruitment, based on 18 reviews
Please describe the interview process and assessments.
Standard graduate recruitment process
Assessment day, personality tests, application form with attached CV
No boring standard psychometric test like other big 4, very focused on team dynamic and motivations.
Online testing, assessment day with group activity and individual interviews
I did grad recruitment - online application, psychometric testing (unnecessary), assessment day including a group case study, office tour and partner interview and then a phone call to confirm the position.
The tax team usually bring in a whole pile of applicants for a morning or afternoon session. You then are interviewed by a partner and do a group activity, along with meet a handful of the junior staff, where you can talk to them about their day to day work
Submit application, attend assessment day which includes interview and group activity
I had a phone interview and a meeting with a partner. Did not do assessment day.
These are fine. Assessment day consisted of: Interview with Partner and Manager, team case work and networking session.
Split out into two sessions - interview with staff and group assessment. Good to see how the person interacts on both an individual and group level. Intern programme a good opportunity to know whether the grad role is a good fit.
Applied online, completed two online tests, invited to assessment day which composed of a solo interview, a group exercise and a networking lunch.
I only had an interview and it was so comfortable, it felt more like a conversation
Graduate recruitment run well, however rigid negotiation and completely different treatment (and benefits) for lateral with equivalent experience.
Interviewers made me feel comfortable and able to open up and be myself. EY appreciated how people interacted within the group during the group assessment, rather than the one or two people bringing all the ideas to the table.
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
Weaknesses, time I dealt with a difficult customer, general business issue I've read about recently, specifics about my CV experience
Standard behavior interview questions but fast (i.e. requiring shorter answers) but this could have just been my interviewer.
More of a conversation driven by CV i.e. previous jobs, responsibilities etc.
Questions about education, past work experiences and interests.
I wasn't really asked questions - I just had a chat with the partner about my experiences and what I wanted from a role and it all flowed from there
Why I want to be part of EY, transactions and my specific sub service line. What macro-economic factors would impact our clients. What I would be able to bring to the team.
Why EY out of the BigFour, What challenges have I faced in previous jobs and how did I overcome them, How did my previous jobs help me gain skills I can apply to EY
What are some of the most difficult issues or projects I have faced and how did I deal with it? Why did I want to make the move from Engineering to a Professional Services Firm/Corporate Finance?
What goals I had, background about myself, why I chose them
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Know the role you're applying for and understand the EY purpose of building a better working world
Must show genuine motivation and reasons for joining. Be approachable and down-to-earth.
Be honest in your C.V because you will get asked about items in there and it's very obvious if you have just made it up
Be yourself, know a bit about the company and listen.
Research the company, know about current affairs, be comfortable just having a normal conversation.
Research the service line and subservice line you're applying for so you can share your knowledge and show interest. Additionally, this helps you to be able to ask focused questions. Have hobbies/interests that you're excited about - this is interesting for the people chatting to you. Team fit is also important, so be yourself.
Meet people from the company in advance.
Be relaxed and don't be afraid to ask questions yourself
To start with an open mind and look at the bigger picture. As a graduate you get assigned with very specific tasks, so you don't get to understand how that ties into the entire audit.
Prepare your answers in the STAR format! Definitely helped me answer their questions.
Keep your CV short and simple and make sure you go to career day at the university and meet your potential future employers
Research what's important to the company - ask people you know and read its website. Show you're genuinely interested in, and excited by the same things that motivate the company.
In New Zealand, we value employees that can be put in front of a client and be human and uphold our reputation of a firm that is enjoyable to work with. Make sure you come across in this way on assessment day.