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Working Hours at Clifford Chance

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
As I do non-transactional work, it is possible to predict when I will be busy and plan accordingly. Once you have proven to be a hard worker, there is more flexibility.
Midlevel, Perth
The nature of the work in different teams means they can afford to be more or less flexible. In litigation seats with fewer, larger deadlines, you can afford to be flexibile in when you do your work. In transnational seats with more, smaller deadlines, there is less flexibility in when things need to be done.
Graduate, Perth, Australia
Hours can range from 8:30am - 6pm on a good day to finishing after 1 or 2am. People generally try to avoid weekend work but sometimes it is required for certain transactions
Midlevel, Sydney
I usually work a 7.5-8 hour day. The company is very understanding of the need to balance work and university.
Intern, Sydney
I work long hours during busy periods.
Intern, Sydney
I work very long hours at the moment, however, this differs throughout the year depending on what is occurring at what time.
Graduate, Sydney
Inflexible around deadlines (understandable). Generally understanding.
Graduate, Dubai and Perth
Obviously a lot of top firms require that you work longer hours - however, as we have our own phones and laptops flexible working is possible.
Graduate, Sydney
It is flexible when work is not busy, however when work needs to be done it is expected that you will stay however long necessary to finish it.
Graduate, Sydney