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AECOM New Zealand

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Culture at AECOM New Zealand

7.5 rating for Culture, based on 17 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
I like the culture, the people are good and not many work overtime often. the social aspect is good and I do not feel like there is a strong hierarchy
Graduate, Auckland
Amazing team & people around, great office. Very flexible working hours as long as they work for the projects & team. Friday drinks are always great for socializing, incredible cooperation and teamwork, every project is essentially a team effort rather than an individual one. Basic hierarchy within the team, all treated equally.
Graduate, Christchurch
Very good culture where everyone is included. There are frequent after-work drinks where employees can socialise after work.
Graduate, Chrustchurch
Good Work and Life Balance. Encourage Social Interaction, Teamwork and Management Easily Approachable
Graduate, Auckland
Very healthy - a good work/life balance is very much promoted. Good social life with other colleagues, especially graduates. Easy to talk to people from other offices for work.
Graduate, Tauranga
Very chill place to work. Lots of trust placed on individual employees to manage their work and time, socialising is expected and even encouraged. For the first 6 months I didn't realise I was bantering with the Regional director at the coffee machine every morning.
Graduate, Auckland
The culture is great depending on the teams
Graduate, Hamilton
Not great but definitely working on it in the office, good outside
Graduate, Auckland
Very team-based.
Graduate, Auckland
Social culture at work is very good. Plenty of events. Work culture could use improving. I think some senior leaders are too caught up in work to bother about graduates and it does show
Graduate, Auckland
Easy going, casual. Defiant hierarchy and the implementation of modern technology and tools is difficult. Flexible working is happening but also a struggle as permission is needed from the top.
Graduate, Auckland
Within my team the structure is relatively flat and everyone is approachable.
Graduate, Auckland
Smaller office and so less cooperation/working on projects as a group is seen. However always friendly and the occasional after work/during work activity
Graduate, Auckland
Within my clique, it's good. Within my team its strong. But within the wider company, could be better
Graduate, Hamilton, New Zealand
There is minimal interaction outside office hours. I wish there were more opportunities to socialise with the whole office. Hierarchy isn't strong - everyone is friendly and approachable. In my projects I don't often interact with other teams but most of the office know each other well. We recently started a social club who are organising activities for the whole office.
Graduate, Wellington
Lots of activities, a range of people of all ages and experience levels, heaps of sports teams to join, a range of experience levels in every team and people to learn from. The hierarchy is a bit rigid and can hinder teamwork and socializing sometimes.
Graduate, Auckland