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Career advice for law students

Law’s a competitive field, no matter where you go. With these tips, you’ll improve your chances of landing a job after g…

How to get an internship in New Zealand

Completing an internship can give you a sizable advantage when applying for graduate jobs and programs. We’ll help you g…

The complete guide for graduates moving to Melbourne

Moving to Melbourne as a graduate offers exciting opportunities and a unique lifestyle. Make a smooth transition with ou…

What to wear to a graduate job interview

It can be difficult gauging what the dress code for a job interview is. Luckily, we’re here to help.

5 insider tips on how to get hired at Ixom

We surveyed graduates that have been there, done that. Here are their five top tips to get a graduate job at IXOM.

Alana Mulderry Public Relations Assistant at Gallagher Bassett Services

Alana studied Bachelor of Business (Public Relations) and Behavioural Science (Psychology) at Queensland University of T…

Careers advice for commerce students

Commerce degrees are well-rounded, opening a lot of doors in the business world. We’ll walk you through some ways to fig…

Careers advice for psychology students

If you’ve got an interest in the human mind, there are plenty of career options available. We’ve assembled some of the m…