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Postgraduate Diploma in Science

  • Graduate Diploma

Extend your Bachelor's degree with advanced study in your field of science.

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Graduate Diploma
4 trimesters full-time
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In person

About this course

Gain a more in-depth understanding of your scientific subject area and boost your career opportunities with a PGDipSc.The Diploma will take you one year of full-time study during which you'll further develop your skills in laboratory work, data analysis and scientific communication. The programme can also provide a pathway into Master's study.You'll take courses worth a total of 120 points, and with most subjects you can choose whether to include a 30-point research project.If you want to gain advanced scientific knowledge and have a B average in your subject area, then a PGDipSc is a good option for you. The University also offers a number of specialist postgraduate diplomas.If you don't have the required background for entry into these programmes, you could do a Graduate Diploma in Science instead.

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