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Postgraduate Certificate in Marine Conservation

  • Graduate Certificate

Learn how to make a difference to coastal and marine environments in New Zealand, the Pacific, and around the world, with a postgraduate degree in Marine Conservation.

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Graduate Certificate
4 trimesters full-time
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About this course

With the increasing pressures on the marine environment, both in the South Pacific region and worldwide, experts in the conservation and management of marine organisms and ecosystems are in high demand.As a world-leader in marine conservation, New Zealand is a great place to develop your expertise in the field. Its unique and lengthy coastline is home to an abundance of marine organisms-from the tiny phytoplankton to the endangered New Zealand sea lion.Study with our School of Biological Sciences, a leader in marine biology research, and learn how to make a positive impact on these valuable ecosystems around the world. Examine marine conservation issues and practice in New Zealand, Australia, the South Pacific, and the wider Indo-Pacific region. What you learn from these examples can be applied worldwide.