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Master of Quality Systems

  • Masters (Coursework)

The Master of Quality Systems is unique in New Zealand.

Key details

Degree Type
Masters (Coursework)

About this course

The Master of Quality Systems is unique in New Zealand. The only graduate-level tertiary academic qualification in quality management throughout New Zealand and Australia, it will give you a career advantage in seeking positions related to quality management.

Entry requirements

Master of Quality Systems 180 credits

Admission to the Master of Quality Systems (180 credits) requires you to have a relevant bachelor degree, or close equivalent, with a minimum B average in your majoring 300 level courses.

Study locations


What you will learn

This programme focuses on developing critical awareness of and expertise in the following areas:

  • Quality management and its component aspects (inspection, quality control, assurance and continual improvement).
  • Contemporary quality thinking and methods including ISO systems, statistical thinking, systems thinking, Business Excellence, lean and six sigma improvement.
  • The application of management theory to quality systems
  • Ability to conduct self-directed research in an aspect of quality management theory or practice
  • Research methods
  • Management of people undertaking quality projects and the people-related aspects of quality programme implementation

Topics you will study include quality management, statistical methods for quality and six sigma performance improvement, service quality, quality in human resource management and supply chain systems analysis. You will learn how to undertake in-depth research, followed by your own in-depth research (thesis) on an area of interest to you.