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Sustainability at WSP New Zealand

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Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.
Initiatives to reduce air travel, reduce personal commute by car, green energy sources (solar on buildings).
Graduate, Napier
Half of our office's pool cars are electric or hybrid and there are several other initiatives to reduce class 1
Graduate, Dunedin
Company travel restrictions, good waste management efforts
Graduate, Wellington
There is some target setting to reduce carbon emissions but no impactful changes just yet as this has only just started in the last few years.
Graduate, Auckland
There are lots of initiatives currently happening in the sustainability space for how WSP can lower their emissions and drop their carbon footprint. This could be integrated into how we complete our projects and deliverables more than it currently is. Having said this, I think WSP values sustainability a lot more than competing companies.
Graduate, Auckland
Replacing current car fleet with more clean and efficient energy alternatives, as well as a commitment to be carbon neutral by 2050.
Graduate, Auckland
Some examples are; slowly replacing fleet with EV's, an employee e-bike assistance program and a soon to be released carbon footprint tracker.
Graduate, Hamilton
Reducing paper in the office
Graduate, Queenstown
At my graduates induction we were all asked to create a new idea for the company focused on increasing corporate sustainability. We are now moving to our outputs becoming more sustainable for example in Future Ready projects considering future climate change issues.
Graduate, Christchurch
Strong level of talk and analytics. Still work to be done on action. Would prefer more aspirational targets
Midlevel, Christchurch
It is a focus we have had a fair amount of internal communication about recently. The company is pushing an e-bike scheme, whereby they allow employees to purchase e-bikes at bulk prices through weekly deductions in their salaries. This is to reduce the carbon footprint of commuting, especially in urban centres.
Graduate, Invercargill
Try to minimize unnecessary travel
Graduate, Auckland
Minimising printing where possible, we have a compost bin that one of the employees takes home to add to his compost, electric vehicles being introduced to the fleet, promoting cycling to work
Graduate, Dunedin
Currently investing in a sustainability dashboard which is cool and awesome to see
Graduate, Christchurch
I would say that there is a great deal of effort that is going in to reducing the company's economical footprint. I have seen this through the reduction in travel both domestically and within a city for its staff and through various projects that all seem to be incorporating some form of environmentally conscious element into it.
Graduate, Christchurch
Heaps of different types of bins with clear posters indicating which rubbish goes where
Graduate, Auckland
Pretty good
Currently moving to paperless
Graduate, Hamilton
The office still uses paper which I find problematic, however the air conditioning is not over used and the refuse options are impressive.
Graduate, Wellington
Good interms of utilities but starting to improve in projects.
Graduate, New Plymouth