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Sergiu Chirila

Sergiu Chirila, also known as Serg, joined WSP as a Graduate Surveyor in the Christchurch office in August 2018.

He joined WSP because the organisation works on a wide variety of projects. He said the diversity of his work is his favourite part of his job.

“No two days are the same,” he said. “I love this because it makes my week exciting and interesting.”

Serg said the biggest challenge he’s had is learning to be patient and deal with potential delays.

“You must be flexible because sometimes you require someone else’s input to complete the job,” he said. “In times such as this, you must occupy yourself with other jobs until you get the go ahead or until you receive the information required.”

He said that he enjoys the work he does and the people he works with.

“I am happy to say that in the short time that I have worked for WSP, I have been fortunate to be a part of many cool projects and have worked with great people,” Serg said.

Follow Serg’s day in the life of a WSP Graduate:

7.00 AM

I have strong aspirations to become a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor. Whether its studying for the Cadastral Law Exam or working on my Professional Projects, that hour of study before work really motivates me to work hard and accomplish my goals.


8.30 AM

I’m calculating boundaries for up and coming road legalisations to determine physical mark locations for boundary definition. I’m using old cadastral plans to determine the boundaries, which is a great challenge!


11.00 AM

Being a surveying Graduate, I get to work with advanced technology. I’m working on a 3D laser scanning project. The scanning digitally captures the exact shape and size of physical objects in the real world and represents them in the computer space as three-dimensional point cloud data.

12.30 PM

The Christchurch office is located next to Hagley Park, which offers a diverse variety of recreational facilities. I enjoy lunch time walks with colleagues to take a break from the desk and recharge my mind.  


2.00 PM

I am preparing the Geographic Information System for an important client meeting later in the week. Working at WSP allows me to be a part of projects that go beyond my qualification. In this case, I get to learn about being the lead consultant on a Strategic Development Opportunity. 

at the office

4.00 PM

There’s nothing better than doing work while being surrounded by picturesque scenery! My colleague and I make a quick visit to a future proposed subdivision to monitor survey heights on this fine afternoon. What a treat! 


4.15 PM

My colleague took footage of the site using an unmanned aerial vehicle. This innovative technology allows for aerial surveys to be conducted, offering services in aerial photography, photogrammetry, LiDAR and remote sensing.

6.00 PM

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I train and compete as an amateur bodybuilder in the New Zealand bodybuilding federations. Come 6 o’clock it’s time to pump that iron!