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Blake Lee

Blake Lee, Graduate Planner (Kaiwhakamāhere Paetahi), joined WSP in January 2020 in Te Papa-i-oea | Palmerston North.

WSP was Blake’s employer of choice because he wanted to work for a company that promotes a positive work culture, provides development opportunities, and values and invests in its people.

“I get the opportunity to work on a wide array of projects and work with people from different sectors within WSP. No two days are the same. WSP also supports and provides a platform for us to grow individually and professionally as a Graduate, which is something that I really appreciate.”

Blake said the transition from being a student to working full-time was a challenge, but WSP and his managers offer support and flexibility that helped him learn to balance work and his personal life.

“What I love most about my job are the people in the office and the flexibility my manager and WSP offers. I get to work in different WSP offices and sometimes help with projects that other offices are working on. This gives my work a variety and keeps things interesting. I also get to network with my peers and seniors in the other offices.”

Blake highlights a day at work as a WSP Graduate:

8.00 AM

Today is our move in day to the new office in Palmerston North. We get a nice view out to the city and the ranges. We also get a peek of the new wind turbines that are coming up. Everyone is busy unpacking and settling in before we crack into work.

at the office

10.00 AM

It’s time for coffee. We try to go out for a team coffee at least once a week. Today, I’m having coffee with my colleagues Sam, Marz, and Tabitha. They’re also planners, and I get plenty of help and support from them. In WSP, you get to buddy up with a senior when you come in as a Graduate. I’m lucky that I get three buddies, and it’s great that we get good coffee right across our new office.  


10.30 AM

Mondays are usually planning team meeting days. We have our first planning team meeting in the new meeting room. We talk about what our week entails and the current projects/bids that we are working on.


12.00 PM

Time for lunch in the new lunchroom. Rudi is one of our Senior Structural Engineers. We usually talk about his secondment experiences at the wind farm and how he spends his weekends diving and doing competitive archery. I like that our office is small enough where you get to know the people, and big enough to get cool projects.


1.00 PM

We get a range of webinars presented by the technical leaders in WSP. Today, I’m sitting in on one presented by a panel, which includes my line manager, my mentor, and my project manager on the recent Resource Management Act reforms. We also get to network with other people in the other offices in calls like this, which is a terrific opportunity to network and socialise with our peers and leaders in WSP.


2.00 PM

I’m back to work. Today I’m focussing on drafting a consent to Horizons Regional Council on behalf of our client. We get a variety of projects in the regions.

I’ve been able to work on resource consent applications, outline plans, and provide planning assessments over various planning disciplines, including plan changes, transport projects, land disturbance, discharge to land and water, and public water supply. Sometimes, I also get to work on projects for other teams like the Infrastructure Team and Property and Buildings Team.


5.00 PM

Work is done for the day. My friend’s pet duck just had some ducklings. So, I head over and help set up their new home in the backyard.