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William Buck New Zealand

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Training & Personal Development at William Buck New Zealand

7.5 rating for Training, based on 21 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Both formal and informal training is sufficient, however, initially there could be more to help establish a baseline understanding.
Graduate, Adelaide
Mix of in-house and outsourced training. Sessions are run every month or two.
Graduate, Adelaide
Graduate program in Adelaide was fantastic, as well as our tax fundamentals class which runs every 3 weeks or so has also been really helpful.
Graduate, Melbourne
I have only attended internal training. They have been very helpful. The most usual so far has been training through the process of reviewing your work before handing it over for review. It provided some very helpful tips.
Intern, Adelaide
Monthly tax updates from an external company, in addition to weekly and fortnightly training on various topics for all staff members. We get to have input on the topics covered - fairly comprehensive range.
Midlevel, Brisbane
We have a once a month tax training for grads and then another for younger staff and another again for all staff. These programs have brought my knowledge of tax in Australia up.
Graduate, Melbourne
Could be better and is currently being improved.
Executive, Brisbane
Training has been very well organised and professional.
Graduate, Melbourne
Graduate week to develop skills required, could use extra training on excel
Graduate, Sydney