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William Buck New Zealand

  • 500 - 1,000 employees

Culture at William Buck New Zealand

7.6 rating for Culture, based on 21 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
I found William Buck to be quite a young firm so it was pretty easy to get along with my peers. There's always social events and after work drinks which makes easing into full time work more enjoyable. On my desk I sit with two assistant managers who are both more than willing to help out and explain tasks, and my principal�s door is always open. If I need help I feel like I can ask most people in the firm and everyone is willing to give a helping hand.
Graduate, Adelaide
The office has a clear hierarchy system. My team has a director to whom we all report, and two accountants that report to a fellow manager and myself. Our team works well and helps each other to achieve the best results. We attend monthly drinks and EOY events.
Experienced, Brisbane
Staff morale seems to be low, people are not generally happy with what's provided to them (including food at the venues, venues and even how secret Santa was organised). Cooperation and teamwork in my team is great, I am more than happy to help others and always can rely on my teammates. In relation to other teams cannot comment as not sure.
Experienced, Brisbane
Co-operation and teamwork within individual teams is good but within the firm it could be improved. There is a strong hierarchy that at times, is daunting, but end of month events make staff members socialise
Graduate, Brisbane
Traditional hierarchy, but complicated bureaucracy means it can be difficult to get fairly simple things done. Employees rarely work late. Staff are generally good at their jobs and nice people - there are some exceptions, as with any firm.
Graduate, Adelaide
There always seems to be an event in planning or something coming up to look forward to/raise money for in the office, and has always been good to get involved and speak with people from the firm outside of work.
Graduate, Melbourne
The socialisation in the office I feel is always welcome however everyone knows when is the right time, how long it should be for and does put work first. But it is a good balance throughout the day. I do believe that there is an open door policy here with managers and directors finding it easy to approach them but being respectful of the times they are busy.
Intern, Adelaide
There are directors, managers, senior accountants, accountants and undergraduates. We all interact and socialise together which creates a positive culture.
Graduate, Adelaide
The firm organises end-of-month staff drinks, Christmas parties and End of Financial Year parties for us to socialise, which gets us mingling with other teams. In any activities organised, there is generally friendly competition between teams. In terms of work, we generally stick to our own teams. Good mix of younger and more senior staff to socialise with.
Midlevel, Brisbane
The company's culture is ever changing, the staff are all quite young and therefore shift jobs and the turnover of staff is quite high. There are social events organised quarterly as well as sporting teams and competitions etc.
Midlevel, Sydney
There is a fair amount of socialising between colleagues after hours as most of the employees are engaged and friendly.
Graduate, Melbourne
The culture is great and continually improving. Socialisation, especially amongst younger staff is really good.
Executive, Brisbane
Culture is extremely impressive. Lots of work events and attendance by staff at work events is pleasingly high. Also a large focus of community work.
Graduate, Melbourne
Culture is very good. Always encouraged to seek help and advice someone is always there for a chat, not forced to work late. Directors are very honest and open, very approachable. Teamwork is strong, and there are a lot of opportunities to socialise.
Graduate, Sydney