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About Vodafone

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Hiring grads with degrees in:  Engineering, Maths, IT & Computer Sciences; Finance, Accounting, Economics & Business Administration

At Vodafone, we offer graduates the chance to absolutely own their careers. That’s 600 grads, from top universities around the world, from 55 different nationalities, taking total ownership of their lives.

Life at Vodafone is full-on. You will have experiences that only working for one of the world’s biggest telecommunication brands can give you. From day one you’ll be working alongside experts, senior leaders and exceptional people who inspire on a daily basis.

We empower you with fantastic training and development opportunities, plus you’ll be working in a driven environment where you’re surrounded by the latest technology and innovation.

At the end of the two years programme you'll decide what career path you’d like to go down, but whatever path you take, at Vodafone, you’ll own it.

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  • Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch
Hiring candidates with qualifications in
Business & Management
Engineering & Mathematics
IT & Computer Science