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Office & Workplace at Visy

7.5 rating for Workplace, based on 18 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Company's office space is spread out and can be easily navigated through. Dress code is consistent across all of Visy's teams at this facility wearing the Visy uniform.
Graduate, Brisbane
Enough and decent but there is room for improvements.
Graduate, Sydney
Good and clean office space. All the mandatory material is available.
Graduate, Coolaroo, Melbourne
VISY has around 120 sites across Australia and New Zealand. Hence it very vast and diverse. There is always an exciting special element attached to each VISY workplace. Usually its business casuals everyday and our happy Fridays are casuals.
Graduate, Melbourne
Office conditions vary wildly depending on what site/office you are based at/visiting. Some of the offices at manufacturing sites are old and could do with renovation while others are newer and sporting state of the art technology. All are clean and have decent amenities. Dress code will also vary - any branded uniform is allowed. Standard office attire in corporate offices (suits not required), but steel-toed boots and workwear if on manufacturing sites.
Graduate, Melbourne
Some of the offices need to be improved, e.g. the recent Dandenong Board renovation is fantastic, it makes work much more enjoyable
Graduate, Melbourne
Again, dependent on the workplace. Corporate offices are quite nicely fitted out but engineering offices are pretty bland and boxy. Dress code in the plants are PPE but in the office it is smart casual or business.
Graduate, Melbourne
Offices are good, given that it is on an industrial processing site rather than an inner city location. Dress code is mandatory PPE/workwear
Midlevel, Melbourne
Some of the sites are very old, but they are usually well looked after anyway - every site has dedicated cleaners which keep everything in check. Dress code is good, most people seem to have a choice of how much they want to dress up for the job. Site manager and general managers often wear business branded polos as well as shirts.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Modern offices and good technology. At my site, everyone wears high-vis and steel cap boots, from engineers to accountants to cleaners to the site manager.
Graduate, Tumut
Offices in the older factory's are average. Newer factory's and head office are very nice offices
Midlevel, Melbourne
Offices are older however the company does work hard to provide comfortable working spaces. The dress code has to comply with factory safety and provides required uniform
Graduate, Melbourne