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Training & Personal Development at Visy

7.4 rating for Training, based on 18 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
I have completed the Graduate Development Week so far which has provided a plethora of valuable interpersonal skills. I am yet to experience more training programs and experiences.
Graduate, Brisbane
There are plenty of programmes, training and meeting for skills development.
Graduate, Sydney
I am gaining technical knowledge everyday while working the field. Also graduate program training was very helpful and forced me to self reflect and find areas that I need to improve on.
Graduate, Coolaroo, Melbourne
There are various multiple training programs organised for VISY employees to develop professional and personal skills. Some of them include: -Practical Exposure: During my first 8 months in the rotation when I was working in the VISY Recycling head office, I got the opportunity to visit various different VISY sites and learn how materials are recycled. I also got a chance to sit in a front lift truck and observe how bin lifts are done. This really gave a good sense of recycling and helped me relate to my project and work on reports easier. -Provides us with an opportunity to network formally and socially throughout the year -Mentor sessions- As a part of the VISY graduate training, we have mentors that guide us through our career development journey. -Workshops: Some very informative training workshops included: Continuous improvement ([email protected] Program), focus on safety & Environment.
Graduate, Melbourne
Formal induction was good, but when given a role there was no handover and training was severely lacking - had to learn on the go for most of it.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very happy during the Grad program, the week long training between each rotations was fantastic.
Graduate, Melbourne
I think it is a lot of learn as you go. Again this is very division based and sometimes it is a little bit of swim or sink culture. Not many opportunities for me so far in terms of formal training.
Graduate, Melbourne
Structured training programs provided internally and also external partners have provided very robust training and core skills
Experienced, Sydney
In my experience, I have found that the company is willing to invest in its employees through paid formal training. I have completed a number of training certificates, from first-aid to confined space. there are leadership training programs which are accessible to a number of people in the business - I think you need to have a few years experience to have access to these though.
Midlevel, Melbourne
The Visy graduate program was excellent, with many useful sessions and discussions on entering the work place, overcoming challenges, and catch ups with other graduates. This made the transition into the company far easier.
Graduate, Tumut
Company has involved me with multiple training programs, the highlights have been fuel (interpersonal development) and mock court (importance of safety and compliance)
Graduate, Melbourne
Average to above average. The graduates were involved in various development courses.
Midlevel, Melbourne