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Culture at Visy

7 rating for Culture, based on 21 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
There is a lot of socializing among graduates which also exposes us to learning more about what the business does.
Graduate, Melbourne
General culture is good; people are very friendly and supportive. High sense of teamwork and socialising amongst colleagues. Sense of initiative and autonomy required to build better relationships among staff. Structure and hierarchy is good.
Graduate, Brisbane
Production runs from operator, supervisor, area manager to site manager. The culture with production nature work is rather stressful and rushing. There is some social events after hours before weekend.
Graduate, Sydney
The structure and hierarchy at Visy is a flat structure with not too many levels of hierarchy. The culture is supportive and allowing of employees to have a go and add value to the company in new ways. Employees are very helpful and love helping new employees understand and learn. As a graduate I have been given lots of learning opportunities. Visy is also focused on increasing women in the workplace which is exciting to be a part of
Graduate, Melbourne
1. Compassion, respect and understanding- Visy culture is extremely people- oriented, there's great work-life balance too 2. Strong focus on Safety and Environment 3. Visy busy Work culture- There's always something new and challenging that comes your way resulting to ongoing learning 4. Very culturally diverse- Working with people from inter-state and other countries.
Graduate, Melbourne
People are expected to work hard, but good work is recognized. Team culture is strong both in the office and outside with external events. Org structure is fairly flat with cooperation across levels.
Graduate, Melbourne
The people at Visy are very good, they are kind and willing to help. I work from 8am-4:30pm, but I notice that due to the Lean manufacturing environment, others consistently work a lot more, which I think is an issue in the future. It is easy for me to speak/approach someone of a higher managerial level, which I think is a great quality of a good business. Socially, everyone gets along.
Graduate, Melbourne
After hours work is pretty normal in Visy. It depends on your boss and workload if after hours work is expected on certain days - structure and hierarchy - It is quite flat. so access to senior management isn't too difficult and most senior management are quite open to ideas regardless of your position - cooperation and teamwork - similar to all workplaces, it depends on the team you are placed in as well as your personalities. Some are a dream to work with and some you have to work through the challenges to connect professionally.
Graduate, Melbourne
With resources stretched thin, there is always an air of urgency. The work culture can involve comradery and bravado to deal with this, which can be good. For the most part, more experienced colleagues are happy to assist and share knowledge, which helps with the steep learning curve. Many people work long hours, however this is not explicitly stated or requested.
Graduate, Tumut
There is good team work and cooperation but not much socialising between coworkers. The graduate cohort are a close knit group that socialise outside of work even though we come from different sites.
Midlevel, Melbourne
The company culture is very professional across the sites I have been involved in, with a bit of variation in sociability outside of office hours.
Graduate, Melbourne
Busy and hectic in the office, always lots of work to be done. Very limited socialising after hours
Midlevel, Melbourne
It varies significantly between divisions and departments, but it is above average overall. The support and collaboration is not forthcoming but it is there if it is truly necessary.
Midlevel, Melbourne