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Working Hours at Transdev Australasia

8.7 rating for Working Hours, based on 6 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Although there are some instances where additional working hours are required, there is a high level of flexibility in work to cater for personal commitments and time in-lieu.
Graduate, Brisbane
As long as you do your 38 hours and complete the required work by the deadline, all the managers are understanding of how you want to allocate your hours.
Graduate, Perth
very flexible- I hour for lunch, time to go to the gym, run etc, plus appreciative of when you need time off for sick leave or personal leave
Graduate, Sydney
The hours are very flexible, as long as the effort gets put in
Graduate, Sydney
The company seems to be flexible about working hours. Most office employees work 9am-5pm.
Graduate, Sydney
The hours are flexible. As long as the work is done, I can work my own schedule.
Graduate, Sydney