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Toyota New Zealand

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About Toyota New Zealand

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'I liked the variety of roles. I like the idea of coming to work and trying different things, dealing with people, going to different places - as opposed to just parking behind a desk for 40 years.'

— Alex, Toyota Graduate.

A NZ icon for over 30 years

Our attitude is the same as most Kiwis - think on your feet, find creative solutions, and always have time for a laugh. As one of the most well-known, trusted, and biggest-selling brands in New Zealand, we know it’s not about the power of our engines - it’s about the power of our people.

Toyota New Zealand

Although we are owned by Toyota Motors in Japan, we’re still very much an NZ company - run by locals, for locals. We have independent stores in just about every city in New Zealand, our own Signature Class plant in Thames, plus corporate offices in Auckland and Palmerston North. No matter where in the country you are, you’re never far away from one of our teams. In turn, we love getting the opportunity to support our local communities, and we work hard to earn our reputation for quality and reliability every day.

Our Programme

'The best part of the programme, for me, was that I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do. There were always people and role models around that would help direct me, and have those discussions with me.'

— Chantelle

Not all graduate programmes are created equal. The Toyota Graduate Programme is all about giving you the skills and experience to really succeed.

What’s actually involved?

Over our 12 month Toyota Graduate Programme, you’ll be based in one of our retail stores (located throughout the country). You’ll get a chance to try out each of our departments, working in vehicle sales, parts, servicing, finance and more. Together, we’ll identify where your strengths lie and help you find your favourite. From there, we’ll look at your future pathways and start making some longer term plans.

What are we looking for?

In the Toyota family, we’re all about attitude. If you’re enthusiastic, hard-working, and ready to learn, we can teach you the rest. And no, you don’t have to be mad about cars.

We accept applicants from all disciplines - you just need to have earned your Bachelor’s Degree within the last 24 months (or before the programme actually begins).

Why should you pick Toyota?

We’re looking for long-term talent - so we want to help you go the distance. With Toyota you’ll get active mentoring and training in a range of skills. Basically, the world is your oyster. There are no limits to where your career in Toyota could go, and we’ll support you the whole way.

What do I need to apply?

We’ll be keen to see what skills and perspectives you can bring to our team. The best way to showcase yourself is with a cover letter, CV, and your academic transcript. We may also require you to fill out an application form, just to make sure your giving us all the right information. Show us why you’d be a great addition to the Toyota family and why you’re interested in joining us. A full New Zealand drivers license is really useful, as you’ll have the opportunity to drive a range of Toyota vehicles. Please be aware that you need to be a NZ citizen or permanent resident to apply.

Join The Team

Why do Toyota people love what they do?

There are no limits to where your career in Toyota could go, and we support you the whole way. Our team lives by a set of eight beliefs. They guide the way we think, act, and look ahead. These beliefs don’t just live on a whiteboard, they’re alive - carried with every one of our team members.

Your voice counts

We trust you. Every employee of Toyota has the power to put a stop to anything they don’t deem ‘right’. We want to empower you to take responsibility, because we know that's the only way we stay a leading New Zealand company..

Express your creativity

We believe that if you can dream it, you can do it. We encourage our teams to set impossible goals and then work towards achieving them. We’ll provide you with all the resources we can, and open forums to share your ideas, because at the end of the day innovation comes from   1% inspiration...and 99% perspiration.

Always keep learning

Team development is one of the most important things we do. We work hard to train and advance all our team members, and we’re proud to say most of our vacancies are filled by internal promotions. Within departments there are clear paths to promotion, and we will pay for you to train and advance your career - all on the job. Staff is our biggest investment.

Be part of a diverse team, built on respect.

We believe in respecting others. Our stores are locally owned and we all share a common vision built on mutual respect, great communication, and consideration. You’ll feel like you are part of a family wherever you go in the Toyota network. We take pride in how long our best staff choose to stay with us, and how we, like New Zealand, are made up of hundreds of cultures ,interests and points of view - all working together.

Care for the community and environment.

Toyota believes in making the kind of cars that last and can be repaired easily and efficiently. We also spearhead environmental and community initiatives across education, the natural environment, and sports. We are really proud to be one of New Zealand's most trusted brands, and it is not by accident. It is because we work hard to try to make every community we are involved in a better place.

Join forces. Conquer mountains.

We satisfy our customers by working together. Everyone, from our design teams,   engineering, and production, through to head office, Toyota Financial Services, and across our Toyota network are working together. Team really does mean: Together Everyone Achieves More. We even have team bonuses where every person’s contribution to a win counts – and is rewarded.

Success breeds success.

Toyota is a company built on values, cars, and great relationships. We’re proud to be the market leader, and our staff enjoy working for a company that has earned the loyalty of thousands of Kiwis. The same ethos that we apply to our cars applies to you: we think long term. We’re patient. We invest in developing you and want to see you stimulated and engaged in your workplace.

Seize the initiative.

Ultimately, what we’re looking for is people who have the Toyota attitude: hard-working, resilient, decisive, and dedicated. We have high expectations for our team – and they live up to it. We ask our people to go the extra mile to deliver outstanding levels of customer service. And we ask you to show the same work ethic for every job, every project, and every step in your journey with us.


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