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Suncorp New Zealand

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Diversity and Inclusion at Suncorp New Zealand


At Suncorp, we aspire to be the most inclusive place to work in Australia and New Zealand. We believe we will be our best when our workforce is as diverse, talented and passionate as the communities in which we live and operate. 

Diversity and Inclusion have the highest level of support at Suncorp. Every year, our Diversity & Inclusion Plan is endorsed by the Board. Our CEO and Managing Director is the Chair of our Diversity Council to drive initiatives for our people. 

Suncorp’s Diversity & Inclusion plan includes five focus areas:

  • Inclusion
  • Gender Equality
  • Age Diversity
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Indigenous Commitment

Note: 92% of our employees feel they can be themselves in the workplace without fear of judgment or isolation from others.

You can be actively involved in Diversity & Inclusion as a Suncorp employee. We have an established network of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). ERGs are employee-led groups which form to act in the best interests of employees and give a voice to issues they care about. Current Suncorp ERGs include: 

  • Amplify – supporting the LGBTIQ+ community
  • Suncorp Women Connect – supporting gender equality
  • Evolve – supporting emerging leaders and future thinkers
  • Arise – supporting culturally and linguistically diverse employees
  • Life-X – supporting mature age workers
  • enAble – supporting employees with disability

​You can learn more about Diversity and Inclusion at Suncorp and our progress here.

We are also committed to Corporate Responsibility and aim to build resilient communities. You can learn more about Suncorp’s efforts and partnerships in this space here.

External Recognition:

  • 2019: recognised as an Inclusive Employer by Diversity Council of Australia (only insurance firm in Australia to achieve this)
  • 2019: Suncorp New Zealand won the inaugural Excellence in Workplace Diversity and Inclusion award at the ANZIFF Awards. 


Gender equality is a core aspect of Suncorp’s Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) plan. When you join Suncorp, you are joining an organisation which is externally recognised as a leader in Gender equality. We know that gender equality is good for our people), good for our communities and good for business.  

Gender Equality at Suncorp:

  • 51% of all leaders at Suncorp are female
  • Biannual pay equity reviews, with a target to reduce the Gender Pay Gap by 5 percentage points over the next five years
  • Active coaching and development programs targeted at high-potential women
  • Recruitment mandates (requiring one male and one female to be on the shortlist of all senior leader vacancies)
  • Promotion of leave, flexible work offerings and parenting resources to all employees 
  • Increasing our parental leave offerings for all employees
  • We track and report against women in leadership targets 
  • Annually celebrate International Women’s Day and Men’s Health Awareness Month

External Recognition:

  • WGEA EOCGE for seven consecutive years
  • 2019 Equileap equality Global Report & Ranking named Suncorp as the only company (3,500 companies reviewed worldwide) to achieve a gender balance at all levels of the business. 
  • Equileap also ranked Suncorp #19 in the top 100 global companies for gender equality and ranked #9 in the global financial services sector


At Suncorp, we are working hard to build an inclusive workforce for Indigenous peoples, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. We understand Suncorp can play a role to help close the gaps faced by indigenous communities. 

Some of our Indigenous Commitment initiatives include:

  • Employment Pathways Program: dedicated to providing meaningful employment opportunities to Indigenous Australians;
  • Partnership with Career Trackers: offering internship opportunities to Indigenous Australians;
  • New Zealand’s partnership with TupuToa: offering paid internships to Maori and Pasifika students creating a pathway for corporate careers; 
  • Cultural Capability Training: to foster an inclusive workplace cultural for people of all backgrounds;

Reconciliation Action Plan: Suncorp launched its first Reconciliation Action Plan in 2018. We are now in the process of refreshing our RAP, to an Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan.

These initiatives are an important part of Suncorp’s commitment to building resilient people and communities. Suncorp also supports Indigenous communities through Corporate Responsibility. This includes partnerships with organisations such as Clontarf and the development of Suncorp’s Financial Inclusion Action Plan. To learn more about our work, read here


Suncorp has been awarded Silver Employer Status at the ​Australian LGBTI Inclusion Awards, in acknowledgment of our commitment to inclusion, and the work of Suncorp’s LGBTIQ+ network, Amplify. The awards celebrate organisations for LGBTI Inclusion based on the results of the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI).

Cultural diversity

At Suncorp, we aim to create an inclusive culture for people from all cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Our focus on Cultural Diversity allows us to advocate for this and celebrate the diverse array of background our people come from. 

Some of our Cultural Diversity initiatives include:

  • Employment Pathways Program for Refugees and Migrants with Humanitarian needs
  • Cultural Awareness training to foster understanding of the diverse backgrounds our people represent
  • Celebration of events such as A Taste of Harmony and World Refugee Day
  • Creation of an Employee Resource Group for employees of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

Suncorp employees:

  • Come from over 28 different cultural backgrounds
  • Belong to more than 10 different religions
  • Speak more than 18 different languages

You can learn more about our cultural diversity here:

Here stories from our people on World Refugee Day:

Awards, accreditations and memberships

Suncorp New Zealand is a member of Diversity Works – New Zealand’s national organisation to support diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Age Diversity

Today, there are currently five different generations in the workforce. We know each generation brings unique perspectives and experience to the workforce. Suncorp’s commitment to age diversity allows our employees to feel included and valued no matter what their age is, or what stage of life they may be in. 

Initiatives supporting Age Diversity include:

  • Intergenerational Mentoring Program – a reciprocal mentoring program which partners employees from different generations together and encourages to learn from each other
  • Employee Resource Groups supporting employees of different generations (Life-X and Evolve) 
  • Training to reduce age-related bias 
  • Programs for mature-age employees and their leaders
  • Tracking of our workforce demographics by age

With an ageing population and multigenerational workforce, we know it is important to champion Age Diversity. 

External Recognition:

In 2019, Suncorp was the proud recipient of the AHRI Susan Ryan Age Diversity award