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Working Hours at Stantec

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
On my first day, there was nothing else to do that I only worked for 6 hours and left. I can come as early as 7.00 am and leave at 3.30 pm after 30 mins of lunch, or I can choose to come in at 8.00 am and leave at 5.30 pm after 90 mins of lunch. It's very flexible.
Midlevel, New Zealand
I work approximately 40 hours a week. Stantec is very flexible with your hours and allows you to work them mainly how you want. Just be open with your line manager and they are pretty accommodating.
Graduate, New Zealand
8 hours a day. Can start any time before 10 am. Very flexible.
Graduate, New Zealand
The company, especially my team, is very flexible with hours. As long as you get your 40 hours done, they are not too fussed. There are also quite a few people in the office who work reduced hours to create a better mental wellbeing/work life balance. I think that is really awesome. However, I would say that 80% of the time I have worked here I work more than my 40hrs. This is expected sometimes (i.e. with big projects) but discouraged over long periods of time (maybe I am a bit of a workaholic).
Graduate, New Zealand
All teams are different, though in the team I am in they are very flexible with my hours. For instance, if I need to book a doctor's appointment, providing it doesn't clash with a client meeting I have never had a issue getting time off or simply working later in the week. This is one of the things I like most about the culture, I am not stressed if I am running late because of unforeseen situations, I know that my boss is very understanding and won't mind providing I let them know.
Graduate, New Zealand
I work normal hours Monday to Friday. My work is pretty flexible as long as I do the 40 hours each week and am in the office during reasonable times (9:30am to 3:30pm-ish) I'm allowed to come in early/late and leave early/ late if I need to.
Graduate, New Zealand
The company is flexible with start times or taking extended lunches to go to appointments. The main thing is ensuring you do your hours that week
Graduate, New Zealand
I work full time. This is usually 8am-5pm weekly but flexible so long as I complete my hours. The company was very supportive when I needed to reduce my hours for personal reasons
Graduate, New Zealand