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Job Satisfaction at South32

7.7 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 16 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
As a graduate, I was on rotations with 5 different teams. Moreover, I am fortunate to have a great team at site, who helped me find my niche within the domain of Cyber security. I have lead few different stream projects within Worsley Technology team. As I progressed, I was giving responsibilities and eventually I was tasked to lead my own projects.
Graduate, Collie
I am a graduate process engineer in the Bayer Technical team. I am involved in delivering long term projects to increase production in the plant by optimising existing process and implementing operating strategies.
Graduate, Collie (Worsley Refinery)
Data scientist, mostly analyse data and provide insightful information which includes prediction of future values, visualisations, etc.
Graduate, Perth
As a graduate, I spend my days assisting in projects managing and project leads.
Graduate, Perth
Great learning opportunities
Graduate, Collie, WA
I have a lot of responsibilities in my current role, and a lot of deliverables day-to-day. This keeps me very busy, which is good if you are very task focussed. It is often hard to diversify learning though when you are relied on this much.
Graduate, North Queensland