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Rio Tinto

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Working Hours at Rio Tinto

7.9 rating for Working Hours, based on 22 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
It is what I was told to begin with, so no one can really complain about the hours in my opinion. I spend on average 9+ hours in the office and the rest driving/in the field. which is fine with me
Graduate, Perth?
if you need time off, or to work from home, that can be arranged
Graduate, jabiru
Different teams have different expectations however in general, the site is flexible to work hours provided your work attitude is positive.
Graduate, Gladstone
I work the same amount as the rest of my colleagues and I feel this is reasonable given the level of work that I am tasked with. Flexible working is accepted and due to desk allowances, sometimes encouraged. Managers are very understanding of other commitments such as children, commuting and study and generally allow flexibility as long as they are happy with your performance and feel you are achieving everything that needs to be done.
Graduate, Brisbane
44 hrs a week. Doesn't matter how you do them
Graduate, Weipa
8 days on 6 days off
Graduate, FIFO from Perth
The working hours are a fixed 8-hour day 5 day working week. The ability to have flexible working arrangements allows and encourages you to maintain a work life balance.
Graduate, Perth
Can have long hours/meetings in different time zones. RT offers flexible working arrangements, although it does seem that they'd prefer these to be formalised rather than adhoc.
Graduate, Brisbane
Standard hours: 7am-4pm very flexible to staying late or leaving early as long as you deliver results
Graduate, Weipa
Not flexible. And we have to do a lot of non-paid hours. That doesn't bother me because I thought I would progress faster
Graduate, Sorel-Tracy
Sometimes it's a lot of hours, sometimes less. Project and deadline specific.
Graduate, Montreal
I work a 12-hour shift for 14 days straight followed by 2 weeks of R&R off site. Regarding flexibility, there is some regarding the start and end time of your shift, but 12 hours is pretty much a must. If you need more time off, for example if you are ill, the company provides personal leave.
Graduate, None, I work at a remote site (FIFO 2x2)
As we are a camp-based site we can work big hours however our leaders are very flexible in catering for your lifestyle outside of work.
Graduate, Mackay
company is very flexible. average hours range between 8-10.
Graduate, Dampier
Not that flexible unless you have a good reason. I normally do 40 hours a week.
Graduate, Gove, NT
7am - 4pm. Works well with the operational teams that work in back to back shifts 7am - 7pm, 7pm - 7am, 24/7. I regularly work longer hours during the week to get days in lieu later in the month. Allows me to travel home for longer periods of time.
Graduate, Weipa