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At RightWay our team knows what it takes for businesses to succeed. We provide sound advice that saves businesses time and money.

We believe in efficiency and helping our customers live life on their own terms. RightWay provides technical expertise, partnering businesses to enable them to make informed decisions for the future.

We know that "doing taxes" alone is not what businesses today are asking for. We are a client focused, advice driven organisation, partnering with business owners across New Zealand and helping them to achieve their goals.

We are excited about continuing to grow our high performing team through vibrant personalities that help customers take their businesses to the next level. Our flexible working status means our employees have the support they need to thrive but also have autonomy to get on with the job.

Our customers see their business is their livelihood, so just like taking their car to the best mechanic, bringing their business to the best advisors ensures they get the highest quality support.

If you (somehow) haven't already heard of RightWay then you really should check out our website, or our twitter, or our Instagram, or well, you get the idea.

We believe that, as a company, we're the embodiment of where the accounting industry is going. Leaving behind the conservatism, and obsession with solely focusing on tax returns that has defined small business accounting.

We also think technology is helpful and cool, not difficult and scary.

Working at RightWay you'll be trained across all areas of business accounting and business advisory, not just shoved in a box and asked to make coffee or do the filing. You'll even get to speak to our lovely customers (that's right, actual people!), and be mentored by some of the best people around.

If you’re a clever cookie that’s keen to learn where the accounting world is going, and be apart of it, then get in touch!

We look forward to meeting you...


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