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Culture at Prosple

9.3 rating for Culture, based on 15 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
We have a great team culture at Prosple. We keep communication open across all teams, and everyone has the ability to have their say. We all work remotely, so team bonding can be a bit tricker than with most organisations - but as a result, we speak with global colleagues daily and host regular virtual games nights (e.g. Settlers of Catan) and team drinks.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Culture is great. Everyone can have a voice in any meeting/catch-up. There's also transparency and it's easy to reach out to anyone from the newest member up to the founders.
Experienced, Calauan, Laguna (Philippines)
I like to think of our hierarchy as very flat. All team members can approach any founder/director at any time. We're a small enough group where we can all interact with one another, no matter what position or role you have. Output/performance is the only metric that ever matters. We have an aim of sharing correspondence within the team in public relevant discussion channels rather than private chats. This means everyone is across relevant developments and changes as they happen. So we move very quickly. Socialising amongst colleagues is a challenge as we are an entirely remote team. We try with things such as after work drinks over the screen- with the number one rule being- "no work talk!" We tend to have a fair bit of fun. The beauty about it though is we all sign up knowing we are a remote team, with those challenges being known and addressed from the very start. From what we've learnt, the benefits we have as team mates being a remote team (to do what work you want, when you want to, on your schedule, where output is the only metric that matters) far surpass the benefits we'd have if we were all in an office together. It also means we have been able to hire abosolute weapons regardless of geography. Our team opperate out of 5 countries.
Executive, Melbourne
Empowers employees by giving them just enough context, then letting them have all the freedom and autonomy to come up with creative solutions. Very similar to the Netflix Culture. Everyone's very helpful, and eager to share insights and knowledge.
Experienced, Antipolo
We have a 'flat' hierarchy and generally try to give each team member as much responsibility as they are willing to take on. We're a 100% remote team, so most social events now are virtual (COVID-19 has made face-to-face meetups difficult!)
Experienced, Remote
Culture during office hours is great. No pressure and you feel that they trust what you are doing. Due to the 100% remote, some companies usually introduce micro-management to make sure employees are working but you don't feel this here because everyone is motivated to deliver their tasks. There isn't much after hours. We try to interact in some slack channels sharing stuff from our life, but it's difficult to say that this is "socialising".
Experienced, Campinas, SP, Brazil
It's an great positive vibe, people get along well and are open to discuss everything with each other. We lack a bit of socialising element outside of work.
Executive, Byron Bay
The culture is great. During company call, the atmosphere is positive. People are like friends.
Graduate, Quezon City
Creating a good working culture is really important at Prosple. We're a 100% remote company, so building culture is a unique challenge for us. When we're not in a pandemic, we get together in our respective cities regularly for drinks and social catchups.
Experienced, Oslo
There's an optional company-wide meeting every Friday, where anyone can add to the agenda with presentations and general talking points. Nothing's off limits, except sensitive subjects like favourite football teams.
Graduate, Adelaide
Everyone is very nice even the directors. You can have a chat with them anytime. They give you the best advice and guide you. Also, the company values people physical and mental health and allows you to take a time off when you are stressed or after a big project.
Experienced, Manila Philippines
Extremely supportive but with a lack of micromanagement. And the colleagues are awesome. There isn't anyone I work with that I wouldn't want to be friends with.
Executive, Sydney
Prosple trust their employees to make decisions. They also make time for social events and management catch-ups. All team members are engaged and willing to help.