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Training & Personal Development at MYOB

9.5 rating for Training, based on 19 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
The training programme is amazing and incredibly thorough, being tailored to my individual skills and personality.
regular training sessions are held at lunchtime and these provide a lot of opportunities to expand your learning
We got put through a 2 week java bootcamp which helped kick start our learning
We have learning labs, including technical training and non-technical stuff as well. Like AWS, CI/CD training, Yoga, career planning, etc
Some of the external training providers that MYOB partners with wouldn't be my first pick, but the internal training I've done has been amazing. We had an incredible workshop on giving and receiving feedback which dramatically improved my communication skills and allowed me to search out feedback that created rapid improvement in my technical skills.
Communication skills, lots of technical skills, growth mindset and critical thinking.
Very Proactive in my development and how I can grow with the company
Graduate program offers 2 full time mentors in the initial stage of the program (first 6 months) which was invaluable for my learning.
they work on a feedback basis, so they trial new methods and if the feedback isn't great then they try something else.
The program I'm involved with is entirely focused on building my professional skills.
We have lots of workshops.
As a graduate, I went through an initial training phase which helped lay down a good foundation before I joined an actual development team