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Application Process & Interviews at MYOB

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
The interview process was spread across two interviews, and two assessments, wherein the first was a cultural interview and the second interview was a technical one. The assessments covered problem-solving and coding skills.
I had 5 rounds of interviewing round 1- video interview round 2 - behavioural interview round 3 - systems thinking interview round 4 - ravens advanced matrices round 5 - coding challenge
The interview process was very long, 4 stages from memory. But very thorough.
1. Upload a video answering three questions (really general question, about yourself, why you are interested in this job, etc) 2. Phone interview with HR, talk about yourself (background) 3. Culture interview with tech 4. Coding challenge 5. Onsite interview, about system thinking
At the time I came through there was a video interview, where you answer several questions on a video you submit to the company. This was followed by technical and behavioural interviews at the office.
Very person orientated. Not too much on your skill level as they train you.
The interview process has drastically changed from two years ago. When I did it I was with 20 other candidates and we were split into 6 groups and given a "customer" to make a lego structure to test teamwork and communication. We also had interviews questions with some managers.
Technical Skills, Interview, Logic Testing and Processing of Mind
1. Culture Interview - to gain an understanding of if you fit/can add to the culture of the business 2. Systems Thinking Interview - to understand how you solve problems 3. Coding Test 4. Code Review - to show your understanding of your code and how to improve it.
5 stages, 2 interviews, one video and two tests to get in
I had to submit a 5 min video about myself. after that, I had a cultural interview with one senior and junior staff member. then a technical interview with one senior developer and an associate developer.
For an entry-level position, there are numerous stages involving both face-to-face and problem solving elements.
I applied for the developer scholarship program. I initially had to submit a video where I explain why am I applying for the position and what my passion is about in detail. Then there was behavioural and problem solving interview. Then aptitude
There were 3 stages. The first is a behavioural interview, the second was a system thinking interview and the final stage was to submit a technical solution for a problem
Video Application, phone screening, culture, systems thinking \ and cognitive interview
2-hour group assessment - problem solving and team collaboration to solve a problem Individual assessment - behavioural/cultural interview
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
A lot of cultural questions regarding my personality, hobbies and goals.
Cultural questions, situational questions and self-assessing questions.
What is your greatest weakness/strength? Your biggest achievement in the past? What is the difference between Java and JavaScript? What do you like to do in your leisure time?
It was a while ago now but I think we were asked pretty standard interview questions - tell us about strengths and weaknesses and such. The technical interview was more about finding out how we thought about the problem and how we would solve it.
How to build a toy factory. Good team player etc
Name 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses Design a scalable process for a toy factory
cultural fit questions - about values, and systems thinking - to show how would solve a problem
what is something surprising that people wouldn't know about you?
Behavioural, and also about my motivators.
Questions related to how much of a team player I am, How do I solve any issue. How do I face failures? Explaining about my success.
Group assessment - Build a city using lego (different requirements for the city were given/modified throughout the process) Individual assessment - study and work experience, questions about individual strengths, weaknesses, learning and growth mindset, etc.
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
prepare before you go into your interview and reach out to current students. Ask as many questions as possible and make no assumptions.
Be open minded, honest, and have a smile!
Be yourself. This company values the difference, they won't hire you if you are alike someone else. You has to be unique. Show your true desire in software development.
Be ready to talk about times you succeeded and times that you failed, and to show how you worked through and learnt from the failures. Take any feedback offered and action it immediately.
Prepare with what experiences you have that make you a good learner and good team player
Be open to feedback
Research the company, especially on YouTube Practice cultural interview using STAR method
Know about the culture of the company. Ask about the graduate program. Have examples of projects you've been working on to show your eagerness and passion
know yourself and what you want from the company.
Communication skills are important.
Depending on the questions, but be prepared and ask for feedbacks. Show determination and be eager to learn.
Understand how our Graduate Program works and what we do
- Come in with a fresh mind for the technical interview (it's now an individual problem-solving/system-thinking interview). You can't prepare for it, but you can try to come in with a positive mindset to help you solve the problem more calmly and effectively. - Cultural interview - Speak earnestly, be able to show a growth mindset and self-awareness