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Working Hours at L'Oréal

8.4 rating for Working Hours, based on 9 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
I generally work from 9-6
Graduate, Melbourne
Extremely flexible. Working from home days, summer hours, but also a general sense that you can leave and go when you really need to - as long as you're getting your work done, working when suits you best is a major part of work
Graduate, Melbourne
Very flexible, they encourage working from home, no set start or finish times Opportunities to do a condensed week upon negotiation
Midlevel, Melbourne
The company is flexible for work from home days however there is an unspoken culture of working longer hours than the normal 40 hour work week
Graduate, Melbourne
It varies where you work as we have a large office. It is currently just me and my manager and we have a good agreement - for example I prefer coming in a bit earlier (8:30) to leave a bit earlier (5:15) whereas she probably prefers to come in later and leave later - hours have never been a problem for me. of course you have to meet deadlines but I've never been pressured to work ridiculous hours
Graduate, Melbourne
Very flexible, we get 2 WFH days a month, but you can negotiate for more Very easy going when it comes to appointments etc. As long as you get your work done, you can start and finish when you please
Graduate, Melbourne
Very brand dependent - some brands and divisions work very long hours whilst others are more reasonable.
Graduate, Melbourne