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Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
Consistently produce high quality work, efficient and innovative ideas on top of all the normal tasks
Graduate, Sydney
promotion not offered, probably have to ask for it, connection/network is very important for a promotion as well as show your excellent work achievement
Midlevel, Sydney
Plenty of work and room for promotion. Would like more feedback.
Graduate, Sydney
Promotion opportunities are there, can be a little slow to move up.
Graduate, Grafton
There has been progress over the past month in a potential promotion but it is still yet to be seen.
Graduate, Sydney
Promotion opportunities are clear to see through the structure set up for the rail team. Progression is done in verticals, however moving across may be difficult. Producing solid work and interacting well with managers will ensure consistent progression.
Graduate, Sydney
The business being so large and involved in many projects has room for people to be promoted and take on new challenges. When you have finished your graduate program, you have the opportunity to become a site engineer and then to progress further.
Graduate, Melbourne, Victoria
After you finish your two years as a grad, a site engineering role would be the next position you will transition to. After that, promotions will be based on your skills set.
Graduate, Melbourne
Have not been exposed to promotion possibilities as I am in the graduate program.
Graduate, Melbourne
There is a general career path, graduate engineer, site engineer, project engineer and senior project engineer over 10-15 years.
Graduate, Melbourne
Progression appears to be straight forward and attainable for most graduate engineers. The basic form of progression involves; 1) undergraduate 2) graduate (1st & 2nd year) 3) site engineer 4) project engineer 5) senior project engineer 6) project manager/construction manager 7) project director
Graduate, Melbourne
There are no incentives for promotion possibilities during the graduate program. Graduate Coordinators are adamant that graduate completes their 2-year program.
Graduate, Sydney
If you can prove to your manager that you are operating above your current role, the possibility of moving up is fairly high.
Midlevel, Melbourne