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Ixom Reviews

GradNewZealand surveyed 4 graduates working at Ixom. Read on to get an insider’s view on life as a graduate.
Based on 4 reviews

Pros & Cons

  • The culture and people is a big plus. Everyone is friendly and works together well. The support from management is also good. They are open to giving graduates a lot of responsibility from day one which leads to amazing development opportunities.
  • Community aspect, variety of workload
  • Working in smaller teams where you play a big part. The company has lots of projects going on and a variety of innovative ideas which graduates get the opportunity to be involved in. The team culture is really great, very inclusive.
  • Everyone is super friendly and always keen to help with any questions you have. The workplace is very chilled out and it makes it very easy to complete work.
  • Work load, lack of targeted personal development
  • The pay rises between each rotation could be improved.
  • It can be frustrating sometimes having the company spread across two countries. Being in New Zealand while head office is in Australia can mean there are some admin things that are made way harder than they have to be.

What Insiders Say

Career Prospects
There is a large onus on the individual to seek out opportunities and possible promotions.
Corporate Social Responsibility
The company gets behind a variety of projects/initiatives. As mentioned above, the house of science, I was directly involved in projects that raised money for Movember & camp quality last year.
Good friendly staff, welcoming workplace
I think the company is great in this area, everyone is inclusive of everybody!
Supply chain logistics coordinator responsible for ordering, moving, and maintaining product stock
Depending on the manager you can have quite a different experience. Overall they are all good at being accessible and offer advice. Some are better at communicating what they require from you and also giving feedback.
Office Work Environment
The office is very nice. Located in Newmarket within the Westfield office building, big and spacious. Location is great with main bus routes going past the offices.
Online application with CV and cover letter. This was followed by an online interview with recorded video responses. Then a psychometric test followed by in person interview.
The pay is very reasonable. Cannot comment about bonuses yet as I have not been working for that long
There is a good system in place for online training, and they do well to cover what you need to do the job.
Work Hours
Company is very flexible with hours making it easy to have a good work life balance
The company is aware of areas it can improve and does touch on this during all projects.