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Ixom New Zealand

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Working Hours at Ixom New Zealand

8.5 rating for Working Hours, based on 4 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Company is very flexible with hours making it easy to have a good work life balance
Supply Chain Co-ordinator, Auckland
I work between 8-5 most weeks. The company is very flexible, if I am required to work additional hours one week I can finish early the following week or take a days leave in some exceptions. I can also come to work a little later or finish earlier as long as I get my work done, no-one is watching my hours strictly.
Supply Chain, Mount Maunganui
8-5. But they are very flexible with hours if you need to go out and do something or have appointments. In general as long as the work gets done and you are available during the key hours they don�t kick up a stink if you have to be somewhere.
Process Engineer, Mt Maunganui
Hours are very flexible. It is very easy to structure your days and make your own routine. Change starting/finishing times is very easy to do in case something unexpected comes up
Graduate Chemical Engineer/Water Treatment Chemist, Auckland