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Working Hours at Intergen

8.8 rating for Working Hours, based on 11 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Hours are flexible, starting and ending the day as you wish. The only requirement is that you do your 40 hours in the week. If needed you can also work on the weekend. As long as you talk to your manager about what you want to do, they are pretty flexible
Graduate, Christchurch
Very flexible. Culture to work from home if needed.
Midlevel, Wellington
Even before the lock down, it felt like the company was very forgiving in terms of hours. As long as you did your 40 hours a week, no one really cared when you came and left the office. After the lock down everyone showed how productive they could be even working from home and so now work hours are even more flexible.
Graduate, Auckland
8:30-5 are the hours I work. The open hours of the office are between 8am - 6pm. We are required to work a minimum of 8h a day and 40h a week.
Graduate, Wellington
Incredibly flexible, I try to keep to standard times but knowing that there is flexibility to say exercise in the middle of the day and then finish off work later at home is awesome!
Graduate, Dunedin
They are flexible about how you do your hours, rather than how many you do. As a grad you are supposed to be available 9-5 during the week. But once you have been there a while and progressed up the ranks they become more flexible.
Graduate, Auckland
Majority of the time will stick to normal hours as suggested. Never gone extremely in excess. Flexible within reason.
Graduate, Wellington
I have never had to ask for flexible work options but I am confident that if I were to approach my lead they would definitely help me work around my situation.
Graduate, Wellington
Around 40 hour weeks. Flexibility comes with how those hours can be spread along the week. It might mean spending a longer 10 hour work day to balance with a 6 hour work day later in the week. Some weeks can get hectic and bump over 40, but majority stay around the 40 hour mark.
Midlevel, Auckland
Very flexible and allows working from home.
Midlevel, Wellington
Intergen provides a flexible working environment, many employees work from home. The expectation is to work 40 and be 80% utilised (Working directly for a client)
Midlevel, Wellington