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Training & Personal Development at Intergen

6.9 rating for Training, based on 11 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Lots of self driven training at the beginning, and opportunities to enrol in courses and take Microsoft exams
Graduate, Christchurch
Poor opportunities to build soft skills in a training way. From a technical perspective, left to upskill on your own.
Midlevel, Wellington
There isn't much here in terms of formal training, I think it's expected that you will learn on the job. This is usually fine except when there is not a lot of work, in which case I find myself struggling to find things to teach myself and make use of my time while waiting for my next piece of work.
Graduate, Auckland
Most of it is on the job training but they also provide opportunities for Microsoft exams and certifications. I am currently working towards a Microsoft certification and I have had loads of experience so far with on the job training and interaction with clients.
Graduate, Wellington
Pretty satisfied, I don't really use Go1 but I do most of my learning through Microsoft docs or Pluralsight which have been very helpful. I've also been able to take whole training days to learn something new!
Graduate, Dunedin
There were some calls that introduced you to different aspects of the business and different things you needed to know. The rest of your training is done with your buddy that you are given on your first day and you mostly learn from them or individually. You are also normally given a project to complete with other grads which helps you familiarize yourself with technologies used within the business and your area.
Graduate, Auckland
Training has been a bit unusual due to the fact that, as mentioned, my role is very unique in the company. Nevertheless, I have picked up on valuable technical skills as well as insight through experience on a number of projects. These skills include both hard and soft skills like adaptability and communicative techniques to software specific proficiency.
Graduate, Wellington
I am studying towards a Microsoft certification which Intergen pays for which is awesome.
Graduate, Wellington
There's been a few digital training sites like Pluralsight and G01 to train up dev skills. I've also sat a Microsoft Exam to become certified in the program suite I'm working with. Then there are workshops led by colleagues to develop more soft skills - ways of working with each other and clients, communicating, etc.
Midlevel, Auckland
We don't receive a lot of formal training, it's definitely a more hands on approach.
Midlevel, Wellington
Intergen provides funding for exams and training to get certifications. Self-based training in usually looked down upon as it's not billable.
Midlevel, Wellington