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Working Hours at IMC

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Traders are required to work (at least) the trading hours of their market.
Graduate, Sydney
My day is usually an 8-8.5 hour day, with around an hour spent on lunch. The company is pretty flexible on hours depending on the team. Some teams require you to be there at 9am due to exchange trading hours.
Graduate, Sydney
The company is quite flexible but it is very common for most employees to stay for quite long hours - there is no requirement but it is common
Graduate, Sydney
Relatively flexible - no set start or end, but you do need overlap with the majority of the trading hours.
Graduate, Sydney
Actual enforced hours are probably pretty low, especially at night - there are some days I do as little as 6 hours if need be. That said, the large workload and others putting in longer hours makes it impractical to average <9 hrs a week or so. In practice, hours vary depending on how busy the market conditions are.
Graduate, Amsterdam
Low flexibility, must be in for trading hours.
Pretty flexible but sometimes can get busy
Graduate, Sydney
It's roughly 09:00-19:00, so around 10 hour days, but if you need to head off early or come in late they are happy to work around it.
Graduate, Sydney
I work about 50 hours a week but the hours are quite flexible (but incredibly rigid when it comes to trading hours)
Graduate, Sydney