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Culture at IMC

9.3 rating for Culture, based on 8 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Flat structure with strong focus on working as part of a team. Strong social culture with numerous social events out of hours and day-to-day focus on team building, charity and healthy competition.
Graduate, Sydney
The company has a flat structure which means that you can contribute so much more to the company. If you're interested in learning about something someone else is working on, it's encouraged to ask and learn about it. Teams are pretty small (4-6 people each), although I interact with a lot more people day to day. Traders and developers need to communicate and keep up to date with what each one is doing which creates more connections around the office. Socialising is really encouraged at IMC. From cross team dinners to the yearly company weekend vacation getaway, there's a lot of encouragement and occasions to socialise.
Graduate, Sydney
Our culture is undeniably the best ever. We have quite a flat structure with little hierarchy so everyone - from the MD down to the new graduates - can have their opinions heard and their suggestions acted upon. Outside of work we have a huge amount of external activities ranging from after work drinks to fully organised events. There is a strong culture of collaboration at our company and it is easy to ask any other employee (even those in completely different departments) for assistance in finding a solution
Graduate, Sydney
Very pro-social culture. Work hard play hard style. Employees are encouraged to interact within teams and across it, with the company holding regular events to build the relationships between employees. Hierarchy is not a focus, and work can be driven by any one, "ideas first" Lot of interaction between people when working, sharing knowledge and advice is encouraged and common
Graduate, Sydney
Structure is pretty flat with not a lot of defined hierarchy, although in practice more experienced traders will likely get their ideas prioritised over others. The culture is generally pretty collaborative, relaxed, and people are happy to let their hair loose outside work.
Graduate, Amsterdam
A lot of activities. Flat structure and you can talk to anyone.
Graduate, Sydney
Very flat hierarchy, you work very closely with your local team, and everyone's really friendly so you feel free to ask anyone for advice. They also hold regular events outside of work, playing sport and team dinners.
Graduate, Sydney