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Job Satisfaction at GSK

8.2 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 32 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Managing and coordinating the investigator sponsored studies program. Supporting the MSL team
Intern, Melbourne
My personal job and day to day activities were not what I expected they would be to begin with. I thought I would be doing more marketing related activities, but instead I was doing more administrative tasks.
Intern, Melbourne
Day-to-day role varies, however I worked alongside the commercial team to ensure our promotional and non-promotional materials were up-to-date and compliant alongside the MA code
Intern, Melbourne (Abbotsford)
Testing for quality of pharmaceutical products
Graduate, Melbourne
I am in a Government Affairs advisory role, responsible for our policy priorities and preparing external advocacy. I have one direct report and work in a small team of 4. I research and develop policy positions, provide intelligence reporting on the political and policy landscape, engage externally with key stakeholders and provide advisory services for brands and issues management.
Document administration work for IT projects and supporting project managers with their documentation and project processes.
Intern, Melbourne
Lots of learning and training with real responsibility and accountability
Graduate, Melbourne
Prepare own regulatory submissions with guidance and assistance from colleagues. Team project involvement ongoing Manage core regulatory activity relating to Good Manufacturing Practice on a day to day basis
Intern, Melbourne
Data entry of adverse events, maintaining case files (i.e. scanning and uploading source documentation), reconciliation with third parties, creating line listings of adverse events that have been received, creating metrics
Intern, Abbotsford
Assist brand managers on campaigns, manage relationships and work with agencies, channel management with third party contractors, website maintenance.
Intern, Melbourne
Managing inbound supply Liaising with our 3PL companies Completing audit reports Providing analysis
Graduate, Melbourne
Each day is different, manage my own time, have had the opportunity to take on new responsibilities throughout my time and haven't been confined to one role.
Midlevel, Melbourne
In my role I am responsible for the supply of the Dermatology and HIV portfolio. I am also heavily involved in ensuring continuous supply of all other Pharmaceutical products. I am responsible for verifying freight forwarder invoices, following up with shipments that are not right first time, LOC to LOC stock transfers, product pricing updates and the Visual Metrics meeting for the wider business to attend. My role involves interacting with the quality assurance and commercial sides of the business to ensure patients receive the medication they need.
Graduate, Auckland
Varied from admin to direct customer engagement to analysis. I was always being pushed to progress and develop (in a good way)
Intern, Sydney
All employees are treated as equals and able to work on real-life task benefitting not only the business but the community.
Entry level, Sydney
Fairly satisfied - I was given a lot of responsibility and challenges on the daily. I worked on big, on-going projects that allowed me to feel a sense of fulfilment when I could finish them well and without any further problems. Daily challenges also helped me deal with time management and prioritisations which was always a weakness of mine.
Intern, Sydney
Currently working through Bonus and Merit review, working with HR Consultants and Business Partners to evaluate and benchmark roles, managing employee benefits
Graduate, Melbourne
Receiving and handling product quality complaints and trending this data to surveil currently marketed drugs in terms of quality
Intern, Melbourne
Introducing new pharmaceutical products into commercial production
Graduate, Singapore
* Assisted as a project lead for the Sales Force Incentive Scheme. This involved managing and monitoring the delivery, the handling of any exceptions, and ensuring accuracy of data and reports * Supported the management of weekly visual metrics and the development of/monitor sales force KPI�s and metrics * Provided interpretation of results to solve business problems and assisted with the decision process based on the analysis provided * Facilitated with project management of Qlikview systems training and weekly tracking for head office teams
Intern, Melbourne