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Tobias Mikkelsen

Hear from Tobias Mikkelsen, Associate Service Delivery Manager based in Wellington, New Zealand

Was the program rewarding in terms of developing your career?

The Graduate Program taught me all the foundational skills that I need to have in the IT industry. The program includes training that gave me a great insight into how my strengths can be aligned to make me work better and more efficiently.

What were some day to day tasks you owned?

I worked onsite at one of our major customers in Wellington, working with the service delivery team there. I was in charge of reviewing tickets each morning, doing the weekly incident report, working on the monthly report and billing. All of these are fundamental tasks for the service delivery team and have a high importance.

What’s the coolest experience you had within the Graduate Program?

The coolest experience within the Graduate Program was being able to go to Sydney and meet the entire cohort every few months. This was a great way to network and get contacts with people in different parts of the company. We did a lot of team building activities like going to Luna Park in Sydney! We did public speaking training, leadership training, and got to present to the senior leadership team on multiple occasions.

What’s your biggest challenge?

Coming straight out of university, one of the biggest challenges was getting used to the corporate life. Having studied computer science at university, I was used to being able to do most of my work alone. In the corporate world you have to be able to work in any team of any size, while still being able to do your own work. This was a big challenge for me, and I keep learning new thing about it every day and continue to develop my skills in this area.

Any advice?

Be open to saying yes to any opportunity that comes your way. This is what allowed me to get the most opportunities out of the Graduate Program. Having an open mind and being up to a challenge is the best way to learn new things and get better at things you already know.