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Working Hours at FNZ

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
As I am a recent starter I have not had to work much overtime, however I have seen a lot of people working late regularly.
We can come at any time before standing up also they allowed us to work from home
Very flexible, honestly such a lifesaver if you accidentally sleep in or have activities on.
You are not restricted to the 9-5 and hours can be worked when they best suite you. This includes breaking your day up to do activities during the day.
Flexible working hours, lots of overtime
Must work your 40 hours a week. During busy periods you are expected to work more but you are expected to want to do this due to pride in your work. Start and end times are flexible as long as you do your required hours and your job is complete.
At the moment I work a standard 8 hours a day. There is a lot of flexibility around what hours people work and also the ability to work from home. Some people do put in significant extra hours when it is called for but that hasn't been required of me yet.
Extremely flexible, as long as your 40 hours are done each week no one seems to mind. Although it helps to be here when there are others who can help when needed so most people are vaguely similar routines.
The company is very flexible about where you work from, but hours should always be 40 or more. Working from home is a bit of a trap though as I get engrossed in my work and end up spending more hours than intended.
From what I know, FNZ are quite flexible. The contracted hours are 8-5 for my role but I often find myself in the office before 8. As long as the work is being completed, I think it is reasonably flexible.
Official work hours are 8.30 to 5.30 but there is a lot of flexibility with when one starts/finishes. The important thing is that you get your work finished and there is plenty of opportunity to go above and beyond
Reasonably. I can come in, there's no hard deadline on a start. BUt as long as I put in 8 Hrs of work its okay.
The company is really flexible about work hours and I could come in and leave at any time.
The time you can start and finish is the most flexible it could be. However, when busy I work a lot of weekends and do 60 hour days